Lob Haircut

The lob hairstyle is in a way slightly longer bob haircut, which just brushes the shoulders. It is currently being considered as one of the most popular hairstyles. Lob Hairstyle with bangs is pretty, practical, and surprisingly versatile. This haircut is great for those who do not want the work of long hair, but would like the options of mid length variations rather then the limitations of short hair. It works with virtually all hair textures from fine to thick and can look good straight, wavy or curly. The lob haircut is elongating and can flatter square and round faces, because it extends past the chin. If you have a round face, a sleek straight lob haircut, with volume at the roots can be very flattering. The lob is a haircut that typically done straight, but options include styling hair into loose, tousled curls that add volume and keep the ends from looking blunt. In addition, make sure you achieve volume at the roots when you blowdry your hair.

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